Laffy Laffalot (TM)

Watch Celebrities play with Laffy!

Laffy Laffalot TM is an innovative, interactive toy designed to bring laughter into the lives of children. At the touch of a button, children can hear 20 hilarious pre-programmed, MP3 high-quality LAUGHS. Instantly put a smile on kids' faces by hearing messages or laughter from a loved one which you can pre-record into custom buttons. Learn about Laffy Laffalot's unique and fun features.

Buy a Laffy Laffalot for only $24.95 and Give the Gift of Laughter!

Only $24.95!

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"My almost one-year-old granddaughter, her parents, my wife and I loved the Laffy Laffalot I purchased. She was able to actually push the buttons at her young age and laugh right along with everybody. Thanks for coming up with this idea and having the perseverance to make it a reality..."

- Steve Georgi

"My son has Angelman's syndrome which is a rare neurological disorder. He got Laffy for Christmas, and LOVES it. He laughs so hard when he hears Laffy laugh!"

- Shauna Bartley


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